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Who We Are

A new trend that the last few years has become more and more popular among the foodies - and the tourists as well - is for sure “street food“. But we come from Italy and all over Italy, street food always existed, much before the international definition “street food” has become popular all over the world. Our “cibo di strada”, that is an easy take away food that you can eat on the street when you’re walking or in a rush, is also an excellent solution for lunch during work breaks or to accompany an excellent aperitif. 


‌Italian Street Food

In our opinion, the first and most common and authentic type of "food to walk" is still, always and in any case, pizza! Perfect for a lunch or a quick snack, it is not the round pizza served in restaurants (pizzerias with wood oven) but the square sliced ​​pizza - "Pizza al Taglio". At our Italian street food stores you will find many other dishes that in common have high quality ingredients that come directly from Italy and that you too can buy to have them on your table.

‌Italian Catering

Our marketing team is always in continuous work to develop ideas and put them into projects, always paying attention to the needs of our customers and our partners. Marteona Catering goes beyond the organization of an event because it derives from clear concepts such as: originality, competence and collaboration. Our concept of doing business obliges us to always have an open vision to create a revolving business with other companies in the areas covered by our services.


‌4 Your Business

The procurement, storage and management of commercial relationships with producers are not simple operations for companies, especially when it comes to products intended for catering. Marteona 4 Your Business, thanks to exclusive relationships with some of the best Italian producers, offers you a simple solution for the supply of refined and excellent quality Italian products.


Business Brunch

During working hours what to eat during the lunch break is always a question mark and often the choice falls on products that disrupt your eating habits. Manage your lunch break with the Marteona Business Brunch menu because it is simple, convenient and on time.

Take a break, manage your menu!

Business Menu

Choose the menu of the week with us, you can receive it daily at your office or decide to come and pick it up or consume it with us. By programming your weekly menu you can optimize times, save costs and always keep your nutrition under control.

By far the best and most authentic pizza I have ever tried in Cyprus. As authentically Italian as you can get! Both my boyfriend and I have agreed on the fact that after trying this pizza, every commercial food chain pizza we used to eat has been ruined, as in we can never go back to that “pizza” after trying the real deal. BEST value for money you can get!!!!


First time visited and it wont be the last. The best pizza ive tasted in Cyprus. The most aromatic one is the one with fresh truffles wich i hardly found in Cyprus. Friendly staff and enviroment and the music raise everybodys vibe for summer. Julien, Ionut and Florin thanks for a great time you made for me and my group. Well see you again for sure!


the best pizza I've had in cyprus. I bought a truffle for the house. delicious Italian wine.carbonara pasta is great.


Italian Food 4 Passion

Something of Our Specialties

The Menu of the Marteona Italian Street Food has been designed to make you live an entirely Italian culinary experience, with ingredients, preparation, flavors and unmistakable quality of the cuisine of our beautiful country.

The Pizza

In Marteona Pizza is a serious matter and we do not accept compromises, the dough is made by mixing flours from Molino Caputo, leavening at 72 hours and ingredients from Italian producers selected for culture, tradition and quality. 

‌Our passion and experience are the final ingredients that make our pizza unmistakable.

The "Piadina"

Although now known and appreciated all over the world, the "Piadina Romagnola", also known as "piada", is a typical specialty of the area that extends mainly from Forlì to Rimini. Our preparation follows the true Romagna tradition by making a dough with the simple ingredients of the past that give it a tasty and fragrant flavor.

‌The strong point of the company is the high quality of its products given by the choice of raw materials and the craftsmanship of the product, leaving plenty of room for manual processing. The raw materials used (lard, oil, flour ..) are all natural and of Italian origin.

The "Focaccia"

The recipe for Focaccia originates in the Roman countryside in the peripheral areas of the city. Here the poor population, combining ground cereals, salt and aromatic herbs, created this low focaccia cooked on hot coals. 

‌The historicity of this recipe is also testified by Virgil who in the Aeneid mentions it as one of the methods used by the Romans to serve some dishes. And he names it again as Aeneas' first meal as soon as he arrived in Lavinium. High hydration and long leavening for up to 48 hours makes it very digestible and soft, the perfect alternative to bread for the preparation of delicious sandwiches.

The Truffle

The Black Truffle of Alba is one of the finest, it is harvested mainly in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas and is commonly called Scorzone for its hard and wrinkled black-brown rind, rich in pyramidal warts, protruding and large.

‌The pulp is hazelnut in color and is crossed by numerous white veins and has a fungal scent with a very delicate flavor.

The "Affettati"

For the "Affettati" Marteona has focused on producers from Umbria, an Italian region that boasts numerous high quality food and wine products. 

‌Covered by dry northern winds, Umbria is an ideal land for the maturation of sausages, known for being well suited to high quality wines, especially full-bodied reds.

Pig processing, in particular, is typical of the Norcia area, hence the term "norcino" to indicate the producer and seller of cured meats.

The Fresh Pasta

Making pasta is one of the oldest crafts in Italy with which our country has seduced and conquered the palates of the whole world. 

‌Our fresh pasta is handmade every day, without the use of industrial machinery but according to the rules of the most ancient artisan tradition which involves the exclusive use of the rolling pin to roll each sheet: the result is an excellent product of superior quality. , with an inimitable texture and roughness that allow you to better appreciate all the pleasure of real fresh homemade pasta directly in our Marteona Italian Street Food.

Tasty and Healthy

My Idea Of Marteona

Passion is what allows you to learn quickly, to make sacrifices, to have patience and to resist especially when everything around you, it seems to tell you, it's time to give up. It is not important to have ideas, it is important to have one and make it happen.

Italian Food 4 Passion

Our News

Only by following our news you will be able to learn about all our initiatives, previews, promotions, events and news from the Marteona World an Idea animated by the passion that has as its goal that of making known the flavors and quality of true Italian cuisine.

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