The concept of street food is this taking something special 
and eating it on the street with those who are sharing that moment.

Italian Food 4 Passion

Our Favorites

Tastes are tastes and each of us has his own and this is also why the cuisine is beautiful but if you do not know which one to choose and you want to have our advice these are our favorites.

Italian Food 4 Passion

The "MartyPizza"

The Martypizza or piadipizza is one of those recipes that make you crazy because it is not a pizza and it is not a piadina, but it is something enjoyable that combines both, very light with Caputo Flour.

SAUCE FREE - Maionese ketchup, chili oil, homemade pesto, balsamic glaze, yogurt and lime sauce.

Italian Food 4 Passion

The "Piadina"

From the ancient Etruscans to the Middle Ages and up to the present day, here you will find the real Romagna piadina with a variety of fillings all with only the best elements of our Italy.

Italian Food 4 Passion

The "Focaccia"

Do not call it pizza because a delicious focaccia is prepared with a different dough and stuffed as you like, for example with ham, mozzarella, vegetables, cheese and more.

Italian Food 4 Passion

The "Pizza"

You will find different types of pizzas that you can buy by the slice or whole pan and, if you want a personalized pizza, choose your ingredients and we will prepare it for you.

Italian Food 4 Passion

The Fresh Pasta

After Pizza, the recipes with pasta are the most popular Italian dishes in the world and here you can find them with traditional recipes and fresh homemade pasta.

Italian Food 4 Passion

And Much More

Still not enough, here are some dishes that will make your order richer and more varied.

Italian Food 4 Passion

Share With Your Friends!

If you like our cuisine why not share it with your friends ?

Italian Food 4 Passion

The Salads

And to complete our menu, our fresh, genuine and very appetizing salads could not be missing, enhanced by Italian ingredients such as oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan.

Marteona Italian Street Food

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